Online Pokies are basically pokie machines which can be played on a video screen or other similar monitor. They can be played on operating systems such as a PC or laptop, or on any other similar home computer and they are even now available on various handheld devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also experience playing on a pokie from most Android Smartphones & Tablets and also from the Windows Phone and the Blackberry.

Although these pokies give the illusion of spinning reels, the reels are in fact not ‘spinning’. However, the outcomes are just as random as land-based mechanical pokies are, but these outcomes are determined by Random Number Generators (RNGs) instead and not by how many coins are in the machine. A Random Number Generator is a computer program which produces a totally unpredictable pattern of results and it is these RNGs which produce the outcomes for today’s online pokies.

RNGs are frequently tested by the casino and also by third parties to make sure that the results are in fact fair and realistic. The main role of a Random Number Generator is therefore to make sure that every outcome (each spin) is a random as possible. One of the most well-known auditors which monitors these RNGs is a London-based online casino testing agency called eCOGRA..

The next time you watch the reels of an online pokie ‘spin’ you will now know that this is in fact an illusion, but the results are just fair and random as can be. Pokies also tend to have a payout Percentage Rate, otherwise known as the Return to Player (RTP) rate, and this gives you a rough figure of how much an individual pokie pays out on average (which is usually worked out on a monthly basis). For example, if the pokie has an average 95.6% RTP, it means that out of all the money spent on this pokie, 95.6% will be paid back to players in winnings and 4.4% of total wagers will go to the casino.